Dog’s Tails


Once upon a time



Coyote called all the dogs

Little-wolf called ALL DOGS (indicate calling to all directions)


to come

Come + arrive at (indicate coming from all directions)


to his tipi for a feast.

Little-Wolf possession lodge council+eat (eat sign several times)


All dogs came

All dog come + arrive at

(indicate coming from all directions + sign for arriving at in one motion - repeat several times)


to coyote’s tipi.

Little-wolf possession lodge.


All dogs took off their tails and hung them on the tipi.

All dog tail (indicate tail & pulling off tail – repeat several times) on lodge


All dogs then went into the tipi.

All dog enter lodge


All dogs feasted, danced, sang and laughed

All dog council+eat danced sing laugh

(repeat eat, dance, sing, laugh several times with animation)


All night long.

All night duration (sign for long duration)


Early in the morning Coyote sees a big fire in the tipi.

Sunrise now little-wolf see big fire lodge

(repeat fire several times w/animation)


Coyote yells fire, fire, fire

Little-wolf calls calls calls fire fire fire

(with animation calling in several directions)



All the dogs run out of the tipi grabbing a tail as they go.

All dog walk+fast out lodge take one tail go.


All the dogs did not get their own tails.

All dog now possess bad tail.


Some got long tails, some short tails, some are furry and some have short hair.

Some big tail, some short tail, some fur+tail, some bald+tail


We all know that this story is true.

We all know this explanation now true


Because today whenever dogs meet

Now all dogs meet


They check right away to see if the other dog has their tail.

All dogs smell another dog possession tail hunt good tail.

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