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American Mountain Men


Missouri-Iowa-Kansas Brigade

American Mountain Men


Poison River Party

American Mountain Men


Rocky Mountain Outfit

American Mountain Men


Brothers and Friends



Crazy Cyot & Stargazer's Camp

American Mountain Men

Women of The Fur Trade

Women of the Fur Trade


Char's Mountaineer Camp

the Scandinavian Mountain Man

Tetonia Teton Todd

Melvin Beattie

Brain Tanned Buckskin

"The Tanning Spirit"

River Trips

Upper Missouri River Keelboat Company

J.J. Henry English Pattern Trade Rifles

J J Henry Artificers


Bison Saddlery Historic Reproductions


Double Edge Forge

1838 Rendezvous Association

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Elk Antler Outfitters

pre-1840's trips


Stitchin' Scotsman Entrance Page

Custom hand sewn leather goods....Specializing in the American Fur-Trade Era

Historic Angling Enterprises

Fly & Coarse Tackle from the 1400's to the Mid-1800's



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