Trade Blanket

I shall at all times consider my word a sacred trust, a bond which is not to be broken.

I shall at all times respect the personal property of other members, considering thievery an act deserving contempt.

The above statements have been agreed to by all of us and will be used in how this page works.  If you want to email me, I will post your items for sale or trade.  Since a mans word is his sacred trust, I expect you all to deal honestly with each other.  You are each on your own hook. So:




For Sale or Trade:  Period Correct Eyeless Fish Hooks, Flies, and Horse-hair lines made to order.     Paul W. Jones

For Sale:   Success in the North American Fur Trade  by Buck Conner. History of the Northwest Trade Gun, covering everything from the producers to the proof marks and much more. see for dealers or buy direct from the author.

For Sale: Rocky Mountain Album if you ever wondered what a year's adventures were like for the individuals who traveled in the early west, this collection of entries from twenty-seven journals and diaries will show you.  Two hundred pages of first hand information. Write Mike Moore or 303-238-4656. $17.95 plus $2.00 shipping.

For Sale: Nice stoneware AMM mugs  

Mugs are still available. I need the following:
Name to be put on mug
Number if wanted
Stuff printed on one side or both
Name and address of person mug is to go to
903 Parcher Street Wausau WI 54403--send check there but e-mail me with the details

For Sale:   hemp rope, hemp webbing, hemp fabric, sewing thread/twine, hemp fibers. for current prices see the Tomahawk and Long Rifle or contact at  Robert McLeish,  Macklefish Mercantile 295 Country Club Lane, Napa, Ca 94558-9313   707-266-2296.

hemp order form

For Sale or Trade: Salt Horns. I will have black ones, white ones with scrimshaw on them. the plain ones are $25 and the scrimshawed ones are $30.

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