Fall Camp Carter to Fort Benton Missouri River Montana


Winter Camp January 2004 Missouri River



Spring Camp Yellowstone River Colter's Rock 2004      



Westerns Ione Washington 2004



AMM Nationals 2004     


Fall Camp 2004 Snowy Mountains Montana

Winter Camp 2005 West Gallatin River Montana

Spring Camp 2005 Mussel Shell River Montana



Summer Camp 2005 Bernice

mike walt standing.JPG (1287902 bytes)  walt reading.JPG (1261916 bytes)

Fall Camp 2005 Grog Springs

ambush.JPG (1421822 bytes) john gene walt.JPG (778618 bytes) gene greg mike s linda walt john.JPG (1021754 bytes)

Skills Weekend January 2006

Walt Shard Cutting.jpg (796155 bytes) walt loom.jpg (593282 bytes) 

Winter Camp 2006 Teton River

crossing teton.jpg (89702 bytes) Winter Camp 2006 007.jpg (796640 bytes)

Spring Camp 2006 Sweetwater Creek


Nationals 2006



Fall 2006 Odell Creek



Montana Brigade Camp 2006


Winter 2007 Little Blackfoot River


Brain Tan

Beaver Camp 2007 Sun River




Nationals 2007


Spring Camp Willow Creek 2008

Missouri River Keelboat Trip


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