Gene Bead Shooter Hickman


My name is Gene Hickman and I am a retired Air Force Colonel with +26 years service. I have been very involved in teaching and education both in and out of the military, having worked several years as a wildlife educator, and with 3 years of High School and 8 years of college teaching experience. I am a certified wildlife biologist and am currently self-employed as a contract wildlife biologist, educator and consultant. I have formal education and/or advanced degrees in Wildlife Biology, Geology, Environmental Education and Military History. I have always been an ardent student of both American and Natural History. I have been involved in Native American studies, pow-wows, buckskinning, black powder hunting & shooting, hunting, canoeing, trekking, primitive camping, primitive technology, historic interpretation, etc., and I have periodically been a competitive shooter of rifles and pistols, and a long-time competitive shotgun shooter (mostly trap, skeet and some sporting clays). It seems like I have been doing these things for as long as I can remember, as I started at a young age with my father, who was my greatest influence. My father had a formal education in Forestry with an emphasis in wildlife, although he spent 24 years in the military. Growing up in the military I lived, hunted and fished, all over the country and the world. My father was an avid hunter, fisherman, reloader, gunsmith, canoeist, competitive shooter, a sometime reenactor, and an enthusiastic student of American History. When my father read me Two Little Savages by Ernest Thompson Seton, at an early age, I was hooked. Consequently, all of my interests, avocations and education seemed to just naturally lead me to the Western Fur Trade. American Indian Sign Language and the material culture of the Fur Trade are some of my primary interests.  I am currently booshway of the Manuel Lisa Party.


As Always,
Your Obedient Servant,
Gene Hickman


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