Fur Fish and Game Extravaganza III


Many of you know that the Wessel men have a family tradition of hunting, fishing, and trapping during the week of Thanksgiving which we affectionately call Fur Fish and Game Extravaganza.  The fifth annual event this year was only focused on hunting as basketball games, sub-zero weather, and a foot of snow put the stop to fly fishing the Bighorn and setting any beaver traps on the newly frozen river.  We did however have three successful hunts.


Picture 1—Shot my first buck with a .50 cal flintlock.  Stalked this rascal through a swamp and tall grass before I was able to execute a shot through the upper lung at 35 yards.  Nothing huge but a great hunt.


Picture 2—Cade’s first deer which was shot broadside through the lower lung at 150 yards in -5 below weather with 40 mile an hour winds.


Picture 3—Chance’s third deer shot at 30 yards on the run through the heart in 20 degree weather after the 70 mile per hours winds of the day before.  Notice not as much snow—it was all drifted onto my road and in front of my garage!


We also went elk hunting one day but were unable to access many of the areas that I wanted to hunt due to drifting snow.  It was another memorable week and I hope that you enjoy the pictures.






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