Winter Camp 2007

Last weekend of January had winter camp on the Little Blackfoot river. 4 members and a guest TJ Smith attended., Walt Walker, Casey Wiley, Greg Muich and Larry Renney. Camp was set up on bare spots surrounded by snow and fire pits dug. The first night we concentrated on staying warm. On Saturday we shared food and conversation and had a five station shoot. Greg placed first with his smoothbore, then Walt and Casey with their rifles. Targets included gophers, turkey, coyote, deer, and elk.  The elk was a 33 yard shot that had to be hit in the heart. We broke in a 32 cup coffee pot for nationals, and had a community mess consisting of a stew that had elk, black eye peas, lentils, potatoes, onions, and rice in it. It cooked for two days, and made a hearty meal whenever anyone was hungry.






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