Winter 2004

Winter Camp - Camped at Lincoln, MT along the Blackfoot River. Deep snow and 20s during the day. Temperature got down well below zero at night.  It was a three blanket or more night..  Bead used blankets and a buffalo robe.  Good chance for everyone to check out their winter gear. Used snowshoes & toboggans, set snares, etc. Winter moccasins with wool liners worked well, long as they were kept waterproof. We built the fire on a bed of logs. By morning it had burned through the ice and thawed the ground under it.  The fire had started next to us, but was about three feet below us by morning.  Cutting wood by tomahawk just doesn't work well.  It would be worth the extra weight to bring a axe or bow saw.  Two days & one night.



              who's turn for wood           Casey Hauling wood               


 Casey, Gene, and John      Bead hauling wood


John And Rocky                              John       



  Coffee first....then talk              Who's gonna cook?






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