Western Nationals

Ione Washington

Western was held at Ione Washington.  The hike up the hill was a real b**ch!  Very steep and wet.  Not the type of hike for slick bottom moccasins.  Rained every day. Had to haul everything up. Larry had to split out his gear half way up and make two trips.  Note to self, find a way to pack lighter, not getting any younger. Gear worked well.  Met Allen Hall.  Neat cabin. Neat bunch of guys and gals. 

you want me to go where?



Gene heading up the hill at Ione. 

       larry pack mule western .jpg (268701 bytes)       


leanto western.jpg (278179 bytes)  gene and walt setting leantos western.jpg (317378 bytes)

walt leanto and cabin western.jpg (229631 bytes)


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