Spring Camp Teton River 2008


Just a short blurp on the Spring camp on the Teton. Walt, Keith and I spent Saturday and Sunday on the banks of the Teton about 40 miles northeast of Great Falls. The river was on the high side but we were able to camp on a bank about 30 yards from the river. All three of use set up diamond flies even though our weatherman (Walt) said it was not suppose to rain. The shelters were set up under the shade of some nice cottonwoods that help keep it cool around camp even though it only got up into the sixties. Saw some interesting things. There was a game trail that ran along the river and since it was high the trail eventually turned into gooey mud, a deer had
went down this trail and found the going got sticky as the mud got deeper and made an about face and you could see how much it struggled to get turned around. Then later Saturday afternoon Walt saw a beaver on the river that had come out approximately were the deer had turn around. He also had some issues in the mud but he did make it to dry land. It must of been inquisitive about our camp as it came up to the top of the bank and turn
around and you could see his slide back through the mud into the river. There were numerous birds around that Walt thoroughly enjoyed as he was telling me and Keith what species they were. And it was a good thing that we set up shelters as it showered during the night. All in all it was a nice peaceful camp. Keith did a good job of setting up his shelter and he started and tended to the fire as all pilgrims do.

As Always,
Your Most Obedient Servant

Casey Wiley





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