Nationals 2006

Nationals were held 25 miles from Ashton Idaho, just inside the Wyoming border. Brothers were there from all over the United States, including Florida, Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, Idaho, Wyoming, Washington, Montana, California, Texas, and who knows who I forgot. Rocky Mountain Colleges were held on Sign Language, Shaving, Packing a horse, Planning a horse trip, Plant identification and usage, Beads, Beaver skinning; pottery, just to name the one's I remember. The Women of the Fur Trade did a great job. The auction raised over $1400 for each group: the AMM and the WFT. The weather was hot in the 90's during the day, and the nights were 2 blanket nights. Horse flies feasted on some of us. The Whiskey tent was run by Mike Powell, who did a superb job.  We even had a horse run through camp. All in all, a Great time.

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