AMM Nationals 2005

Near Grangeville Idaho

Nationals held near Grangeville, Id. Members in attendance: Gene "Bead Shooter" Hickman & son Ira, John Kroskey, Greg "Beaverboy" Muich and Karl Wessel & son Chance. Members spent approximately 11 nights on the ground at Nationals. Bead Shooter taught 3 sessions of Indian sign language & several side sessions on sign. Beaverboy brought traps and had detailed discussions of traps & trapping. Members attended classes/discussions on sign language, trapping, horse packing, horse & dog travois, and straight razors and shaving.

Here's a piece of pure poetry:

Hello the Camp there has been some talk about the Rocky Mt National Rendezvous its lack of horses and the dissatisfaction with what goes on. This is why I joined the AMM.

    The AMM National Camp this year was everything one could expect and hope for. The Camp was about 3/4 of a mile from the parking area. No vehicles were allowed in or near camp. All gear was packed in. Hans, Conan and Skinner kept mules and horses with pack saddles and travois handy for transporting anyone's gear in and out. The whisky tent was stocked with bottles that were filled and refilled from wooden kegs of shrub and spiked with rum.
Jean and Ronsa rode in full outfit with two pack animals Jean beating a drum and singing an Indian song while circling the meadow. Everyone rode or walked or rode in everyone except Lanney he ran in carrying an anvil just like he said he would tossed it on the blanket for the auction. I now own it. Speaking of a the auction items were added as it went Mike Powell was a fine auctioneer and color or off color commentator as the case maybe. I donated a copy of "The West of William Ashley" that was the high dollar item of $245.
    One family, mother, father and two daughters brought in a 14 foot lodge with their horses. The youngest daughter (13) sang opera and Irish ditties at the camp fire that left everyone in ah. Spoon asked if there were angle singing in camp as he had hit his robes early the first night. Every night the Camp fire was alive and up late. The meadowlark singing and taking turns with Spoon singing and playing his guitar or fiddle, my son Tad singing playing guitar or the bone he inherited from Stan Honour. There was singing, dancing and telling
of tails until only the stars were left up.

The Camp was along a long flower filled meadow bordered by tall timber and cover by the blue Idaho sky. At all time a dozen or more horses were picked or hobbled grazing on the lush grass. The moving and picketing of stock was right out of a Miller painting. Conan with a large wooden mallet would drive 4 feet long hardwood picket stakes to hold the stock.
At anytime you would hear the crack of the a bullwhip in the meadow by Jed Smith or Conan. There were colleges on quill work, Sign language, useful plants, horse packing and a number of other things no scheduled shooting matches just a save place to shoot but not during the wedding. Which Conan had on top of the hill behind the shooting area with snow capped peaks as a back drop.
    The Grand Council meeting was held in a Mandan earth lodge, like Catlin's paintin.e left from precious earth events. A short distance below the lodge was a spring the gave forth some of the finest water you could ask for and supplied the came with all it need and more.
    Oh hooters there was one at the parking area other wise your were on your own. If you missed this one you missed a good one. Stopped at Travelers Rest and went over LOLO Pass to get there. The property was once owned by the guy that movie Little Big Man was based on. It sound like next year will be one to remember as well. I have been to the AMM Nationals all of the five years I have been a member.
    Even the RMNR should have been a buzz when about 30 mounted AMM boy hit camp after several day ride in. So pack your gear on back or cayuse and head to a real rendezvous then tell or show them pork eaters what they missed or keep it to your self, smile and shake yer head in disbelieve because you know what Rendezvous is really like.
    Less is usually More
Mark Roadkill Loader
AMM # 1849 Jim Baker Party




Now what was I doing?

Social Hour

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watching the remuda

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