Missouri River Keelboat Trip

On Friday, September 12, 2008 six Manuel Lisa Party, AMM and 4 invited guests gathered at Mike Nottingham's home at 8:30 A.M. for transport by shuttle to the departure point, Virgelle Ferry, Montana for a five day canoe and keelboat trip down the Missouri River. MLP members were Gene Hickman, Mike Nottingham, Captain of the keelboat, John Krosky, cook extraordinaire, Casey Wiley, Paul Degel and Walt Walker, Booshway for this event. Invited guests were longtime AMM Bruce Druliner (Burnt Spoon), AMM pilgrims Glen Goldthwaite, Keith Head and Tim McLaughlin, 1st mate on the keelboat.Paul, Glen, Keith and Walt manned the two canoes.

Friday was our longest mileage wise on the water and we pulled in to near Monroe Island for the evening and all setup camp. After supper it started raining and continued all night off and on, but it was not cold and most spent a comfortable night, though a couple members got a little wet. Next day, Saturday, started out overcast and we needed to let canvas dry before proceeding on. We next stopped at Eagle Creek, a Lewis & Clark campsite, so that several men could go look at the pictographs and travel on foot through the Narrows. We then proceeded on to our next camp about a mile or two below Citadel Rock below Hole in the Wall. Next morning, Sunday, after breakfast, several men climbed up to Hole in the Wall. After their return we proceeded on to our 3rd night's camp at 7Up across from Dark Butte. At this camp or the previous one Paul dined on a grouse he shot. Next day, Monday, we proceeded on to our next camp across from the Wall. On the way we passed a L & C camp at Corvus Creek just above Pablo Rapids and two of their camps at Arrow Creek, called by L & C Slaughter River. The Expedition camped here on it's way west and on it's way home. While traveling on the river all of us witnessed an osprey catch a fish and be pursued by an immature golden eagle. The pursuit came real close to us as they flew only a few yards away from our vessels before gaining altitude and circling all around us. Finally the osprey dropped the fish and the eagle dove for it and missed. Both then flew back to the river, to resume fishing I suppose.After camp was setup several men explored the area. Paul and Spoon went hunting and Casey encountered a rattlesnake, which Paul pinned down with his ramrod and then picked it up by the head and moved it off further away. As he picked it up a grateful mouse ran out from under the bush where he pinned the snake. Day 5, Tuesday, we proceeded on after breakfast to our departure point at Judith Landing and we all arrived shortly after noon. After all the gear was unloaded from the boats and reloaded in the shuttles and the canoes and keelboat loaded, we had a 60th birthday celebration for Tim as it was his that day. The shuttle driver had brought a cake and we all partook as well as shared with other people who were also at the takeout. We then proceeded on to conclude the trip.
Respectfully submitted,
Walt Walker, AMM #1898, Booshway, 5 day trip





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