Events 2005

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January 2005

Karl Wessel voted on and accepted as a pilgrim.


Winter 2005

Winter Camp 2005 East Fork of the Gallatin River near Manhattan, MT: the weather was warmer than usual.  we set out traps and did some impromptu shooting. Had one pilgrim we got on the ground with. Voted in Mike Nottingham as a pilgrim.


Spring Camp 2005

 Spring  Camp Camped on the historic Mussel Shell. Six members and two guests were present. Camp was 3 days and two nights. Very windy and rain, had sheltered spot in the trees on the River bottom. one of our best camp sites.

June 2005

One member received his bossloper, John Kroskey.  

AMM Nationals 2005

AMM Nationals 2005

Four members attended the AMM Nationals by Grangeville Idaho the week of 1-8 July 2005. Members stated this was the best national attended to date.

July 2005 Summer Camp

July 2005

3 members camped between Bernice and Butte Montana in a semi-hidden valley. Encountered and drove off hostiles first night. On discovering camp of hostiles blocking the primary trail into the valley, pulled camp and left without hostiles discovering our route out. Cold camp with excellent running water. Harvested pine pitch.


August 2005

One member received his bossloper, Greg Muich. 


September 2005

Horse Trip

One member (Gene Beadshooter Hickman) completes 5 day horse trip.

October 2005

Fall Camp 2005

Made camp at Grog Springs described by Lewis and Clark. 7 members present including new pilgrim. Voted in a new Pilgrim Mike Staigmiller.

November 2005

Fall Hunt

The fall hunt was held in November in the Tobacco Root Mountains north out of Laurin, MT. Members hunted elk and deer. A couple of "close-ones" on elk and deer, but no game. Camp attended by 3 members and 1 guest.



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