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Events 2004

January 2004 

Party formed One bossloper and four pilgrims.  

Winter Camp 2004

Winter Camp 2004 Outside Lincoln Montana

Winter Camp 2004- Camped at Lincoln, MT along the Blackfoot River - 5 party members in attendance and 3 guests. Deep snow and 20s during the day. Good chance for everyone to check out their winter gear. Used snowshoes & toboggans, set snares, etc. Two days & one night.


April 2004

Spring Camp 2004

Spring Camp - Canoed the Yellowstone River from about Pompey's Pillar to the junction of the Bighorn River and up a mile on Bighorn to take out. Three party members on the river + 3 guests (1 Wilson Price Hunt Party - Jerry Frank). Two other party members joined the group after the river trip and remained in overnight camp. Highlight of the trip was rock with inscriptions by Manuel Lisa 1807 and John Colter 1810. Beaver trapping & primitive fishing on the river and again at lay over camp at take out point. Only one beaver caught. Four nights total with members staying 1-3 nights.    


May 2004

Western Territorials - Three members attended. Camped with 11 other members from western brigades at Ione, WA. Rain everyday and every night. Some good camaraderie, worked on Indian Sign Language, fire building in the rain, and tested gear & setup for rains. One night in-route and three days & two nights at Ione. .


Western Rendezvous Ione Washington

Nationals 2004

AMM Nationals (June-July) 2004 - Three members attended nationals. Camped with one UMO member, 2 members of the Wilson Price Hunt Party & 1 Black River Party member.

September 2004

Two members received their bossloper, Walt Walker & Larry Renney.  

Fall Camp 2004

Fall Camp 2004- Camped in Snowy Mountains southwest of Lewistown, MT. Primitive hunt for bear, turkey, & Mtn. grouse. One ruffed grouse and two squirrels killed. Great Weather. Lots of exploring of new country. Four party members + 1 son, and one guest (potential member) for two days & one night.  

November 2004

LCHG hunting camp. Three members participated in 3 day primitive camp on the Missouri river by Floweree Montana. One member made meat downing a mulie buck.


Hunting Camp 2004

Manuel Lisa Party hunting camp. Two members + UMO guest & 1 son participated in a 3-day primitive hunt near Manhattan Montana.

All current members of the party are also members of the Lewis & Clark Honor Guard, associated with the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center in Great Falls, MT. Members have participated in numerous educational events related to L&C throughout the year. A number of these programs were weekend events and members maintained primitive camps during some of those weekends.  



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