Guns And Shooting Gear

There are all different sorts of firearms that were available during the fur trade, depending on your job, where you came from, and your station in life could determine what you shot and carried.

32 caliber squirrel gun.

This replica, stocked in select American maple, or European walnut, reproduces faithfully the original rifles produced during the golden age of the American long rifle (1760- 1840). As with the squirrel rifles of this period, renowned for their accuracy at any range, this model reveals meticulous working of all metal parts and of the stock. The octagonal rifled barrel is rust brown colour finished. The rifle is provided with adjustable double set triggers. Trigger guard and butt plate are made of brass, lock and fittings are colour case hardened.



The 50 caliber was large enough for deer and elk and was also know to kill buffalo



The 1803 Harpers Ferry

Made by Harpers Ferry Armory, Virginia, from 1803-1807, total quanity 4,023, and later production from 1814-1820 with total quantity of 15,703. The 1803 was best known as the issue firearm for the Lewis and Clark expedition. This reproduction features a European walnut half-stock with satin finish, 29 1/2" long with 3 3/4" drop and 14" trigger pull. Browned barrel is .54 caliber, 35 1/2" long, octagon 1 1/16" to 15/16" round, button rifled .006" deep, 1-66" twist, 8 lands measure .540" and 8 grooves measure .552". Front sight is flat brass blade, rear sight is .785" dovetail, open, blued steel. Brass furniture, color casehardened lockplate marked "Harpers Ferry 1803" on tail and eagle over "US" ahead of the hammer. Single trigger. Flintlock uses 7/8" flints, vent is 6mmx.75. Steel ramrod. Load with 80 grains of FFg black powder and .530 patched round ball.

62 caliber fowler

shoots both shot and ball, some would consider it the best of both worlds


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