Historical Documentation

Primary sources of documentation

A Wisconsin Fur-Trader's Journal, 1803-04 Luttig journal of a fur trading expedition on Upper Missouri
California Trail A Chronicle of the California Trail and El Dorado By Stewart Edward White SantaFe Trail The Old Santa Fe Trail: The Story of a Great Highway  by Colonel Henry Inman
Fort Union Costs 1851 Footnotes on Luttig
Running Buffalo Mountaineers
Indian tan Beaver Bait from the journals of Lewis and Clark
American Notes: Travel in America 1750-1920 Winter Quarters of the Mountain Men by Kerry Oman

Business Records of the St. Louis Missouri Fur Company, 1809-1812

Articles of Association MFC List of Engage's 1812
Mandan chief Regnier
Thomas James  


Across Plains 

The Autobiography of John Ball

Across the plains to Oregon

Ashley Diary

Nat Wyeth

Nathaniel Wyeth's Journals

and Correspondence



Astoria, or Anecdotes of an Enterprise

Beyond the Rocky Mountains 

by Washington Irving


Captain Bonneville

Washington Irving's 

The Adventures of Captain Bonneville


Bradbury's Travels in the Interior of America


IN THE YEARS 1809,1810, AND 1811

Brackenridge's 1811 Journal

Journal of a Voyage up the Missouri River in 1811

Kit Carson

Life of Kit Carson: Hunter, Guide, Indian Agent 

by Edward Ellis

Journal Trapper

Journal of a Trapper 

Osborne Russell



Forty Years a Fur Trapper

by Charles Larpenteur




Research Papers

Uses of Plants by the Indians of the Missouri Valley River Region by Melvin Randal Gilmore Trade, consumption, and the Native Economy: Lessons from York Factory Hudson Bay
 Gouge and Bite: Pull Hair and Scratch Utapan  Historical use and making of toboggans
Fur Traders as Undertakers Economics and Transshipments of the American Fur Company
Keelboats on the Missouri River Mountaineer Survival Techniques


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