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Welcome to the Manuel Lisa Party of the Montana Brigade of the American Mountain Men. The American Mountain Men was founded in 1972 with the Manuel Lisa Party, in Montana, being officially chartered January 26, 2004.

The party currently numbers 13 men: 3 Hiveranos and 10 Bosslopers; all of exceptional character and students of the fur trade. Members come from all parts of the state, including areas that were actively trapped during the fur trade.  All current members engage in experimental archeology and living history; backed by extensive research and hands on applications. All party members continue to use and learn Indian Sign Language. Some of our members are skilled trackers and fur trappers, and blacksmiths. Our party focuses on the history of the fur trade from 1800 until 1840 using only equipment, clothing, foods, etc. that would have been used going to or in the Rocky Mountains from 1800-1840. The party holds camps during the year, often one in each season, with other activities added as available. The party is led by a Booshway and a clerk/purser, elected every 2 years by the members.

The Manuel Lisa Party is named after Manuel Lisa, who established the first fort, and the first building in Montana on the Big Horn River. When he returned to St. Louis he helped organize the St. Louis Fur company in 1809 and became one of its directors. Manuel Lisa was a friend and contemporary of Lewis and Clark, John Colter, George Druilliard and many others.

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Booshway: Gene  "Bead Shooter" Hickman



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